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Updated: May 28

I began working on my number 2 lady in my new series this week! It’s exciting, the variety of colour palettes throughout this series is going to be incredibly delicious!

I’m trying something new with the canvas on this lady... usually I mount calico to the canvas before I begin. I love the way the paint is absorbed into the material completely saturating the fiber (the primed surface of the canvas underneath creating a barrier so the paint doesn’t go straight through) and the finish is gorgeously matt. This time I have had the canvas flipped! Yep. So I’m pretty much painting on the raw canvas, though the primed surface (now on the back) still acts as a barrier. So far I’m finding it is a little more difficult to create my fine lines (but not impossible 😉) because of the larger grain. But the textured brushed matt finish of the paint is looking spectacular!

My current feeling is that she looks a little like a lollipop... 😆 but we’ll see. While acrylics always dry darker than than the wet paint appears, I definitely feel like the raw surface is giving an even darker effect than usual. I’ve had to lighten all of my colours several times. I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made today though. 😌

What are your thoughts so far? Scroll to the bottom of the page to comment!

Keep well and stay safe,

Tanya x Marie

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