Warrior Goddess

Describe what "Warrior Goddess" energy means to you?

Now my friend and I have just recently finished the 11 day Warrior Goddess Training course by Heatherash Amara via DailyOM.com (which I absolutely recommend). My last entry was from one of her lessons and you're likely to see more along the way, as each of us have been incredibly inspired through this course!

I have combined two of the lessons in this post, on which the focus was about the definition of 1. Goddess Energy, and 2. Warrior Energy. The end-of-lesson prompt asked what each of these mean to us personally. These are my thoughts...

My inner Goddess Energy encompasses all that I am and all that I choose to be. Goddess Energy represents my unique individuality, as each Goddess is of her own. The Goddess Energy represents my heart and soul. My own values, my passion, my truth, my purpose are all guided by this part of myself, as are my thoughts, my compassion, love, anger, my wrath, my tears. Goddess Energy is my very essence. If I am am true to myself, and honour myself, listen closely, I can intuitively be my own guide without any doubt, for only I know the nourishment I require and ultimately which path is the right one for me.

From the Goddess stems the Warrior...

My Warrior Energy is my inner strength, my courage, determination, and focus. It is drawn from my gut, from my heart and soul, my values and purpose, from the very core of my being and depths of my mind. My Warrior Energy is built of the love and commitment I have for those around me and most importantly for the love I have within myself, for myself, for my spirit and for my faith of self. My Warrior Energy is what drives me to grow and learn, to change and move forward, to succeed on my own terms, beat the odds and live my dream.

Do you recognise the Warrior Goddess in you?

Be bold, be sexy, be fierce and embrace your Warrior Goddess Energy 🥰.

Tanya x Marie

PS: Myself or Art Confessions is in no way affiliated with, or sponsored by, either Heatherash Amara or DailyOM... Simply just sharing 😊.

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