The Last Wild Rose

What better to do than indulge in art during isolation! The last Wild Rose,Cahira Rose has been sold and is on her way to her forever home in Melbourne!

That means there is only one Wild Rose left available for purchase,Violet Rose (below). Violet Rose was actually the first rose... but is now the last rose...  

So, if you're new to the fold, the Wild Roses is a series which lay bare the innate traits of ones unique disposition in relation to her spiritual connection with nature. Her animal instinct, if you will. Her simplicity and complexities. Her sensuality, sexuality and strength. Her mystery. The bite in her bark, the hiss in her kiss, the flutter of her wings and the spirit of her heart and soul. There are four artworks in the series: #1 Violet Rose (original available) #2 Alessandra Rose (sold - prints available) #3 Daija Rose(sold - prints available) and #4 Cahira Rose(sold - prints available).

Keep well,

Tanya x


Tanya Marie Reeves Artist and Owner of Art Confessions - Broken Hill NSW 2880 Australia

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