The Confessional

I’ve never been a journal writer, or a diary keeper. I have tried throughout my life on different occasions. Especially as a teenager inspired by books about inherited haunted mansions; the story always unfolding with an old journal found in the attic... or watching movies or TV shows where a secret diary sets the plot *insert a dancing midget and a dead girl found wrapped in plastic here.*

But here I am, not only on this journey of self-love and discovery (or as some would call: floundering through a mid-life crisis), but also at a crossroads, and so again I am going to make an attempt at keeping my written word in the name of soul-searching. This time however, I am going to use journal prompts and questions (you can find a crap-load of these on Pinterest) to try and challenge myself and delve a little deeper into my psyche. And then I am going to share some of that with you.

Maybe you will relate in some way, my road traveled may inspire your own. Hopefully you will join me and follow the prompts yourself. Maybe you will connect with me privately and share your own thoughts or experiences, or join the less lengthy discussions I'll post on my Facebook page. From one bold, sexy and fierce woman’s journey to another. I do hope you will!

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Tanya x Marie

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