I was just smashing it with the photography! Lol.

Suzie. 2011.

Right now I am thinking; This was only 10 years ago... it looks, and feels, like a lifetime ago. I can hardly believe myself, on looking back, just how far I have come and how much my work has evolved.

"Suzie was inspired by 50s 60s pin-ups, she is cheeky, fun and out of the box." That is what I wrote in 2011 and "Suzie" resonated with me as a name of the times.

Again, notice the signature change? In 2011 I was planning on moving to the coast. I don't particularly like my name and so I was going to become "Marie, Rea for short". and introduce myself as her to anyone that I met in my new hometown. Now I chose Rea (pronounced: Ree) as it is the end of my middle name Marie and the beginning of my surname Reeves. And it was cute and short and sweet. And so I began signing my name just so. I didn't move. And my new name didn't stick 😂... But I do still really like it 🤔maybe I'll try again one day.

Be bold, be sexy, be fierce and be whoever you want to be! 🥰 Tanya x Marie

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