SOLD! Take That Karen.

We all have those days right? When we think we just aren't good enough. That we should stop whatever is it we are doing right this very instant, drop to the floor, crawl to the bedroom, drag our useless bodies onto and into bed, deep undercover.

Never to be heard of...



Now you may know that over the past few months I have been doing a lot of work in this area (and by a lot, I mean submerging myself in the very depths of the ocean of personal growth and development) and so last night when Karen (my often very bitchy nemesis inside my brain) tried to tell me that I totally suck at painting, I dropped what I was doing (almost started for the floor, but...) walked bravely to my computer (Mac-Daddy-Daddy) and literally counted all of the artworks I have created since the year 2000 and sold. So there. In your face Karen!




Sometimes it is really hard to remember all of the good things in my life and that which I have accomplished along the way, especially on a crappy day. I really just wanted to share this with you because I know it is often the same for you too. None of us get off lightly. We must do the work and dig deep within ourselves to find that inner strength to help us through!

Be bold, be sexy, be fierce and most of all, be brave.

🥰 Tanya x Marie

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I have learnt and grown so much over my 45+ years; The good, the bad, the ridiculous... It's all relevant, because at one point or another, in some way or another, there are always roads taken, accomplishments, fears and obstacles along the way, which most of us have (or will have) in common. 

I'd really love to share my journey with you, and through my artwork, embolden a body of strength and character, an invigorating empowering force, within each and every one of you as you move forward. Join forces with me!

Tanya x Marie

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