Silence Is Golden

Updated: Jul 24

Are you taking the time in your life to be quiet, and listen?

Another lesson from Heatherash Amara; "Silence is important".

Being still, being silent, allows us to take the time to listen, to focus on our other senses and to truly appreciate, not only what is happening aground us, but what is going on within our own mind, heart, soul and body.

A lot of the time, most of us are all so busy being busy that we don't think we have the time to take the time.

Silence itself is a fairly easy one for me. I tend to be in silence more often than not during my daily life. Sometimes I actually find it difficult to speak at the end of a long day in the studio, because I literally have not spoken in hours! Silence is not deafening to me. It does not trigger my mind to begin bombarding me with non-sense, nor does it beg to be disrupted. I enjoy the quiet. In fact noise creates havoc for me, especially if i am trying to concentrate, and a cacophony of noises makes me, I'll admit... a little crazy! And by a little, I mean a lot. Lol.

Stillness on the other hand, and remembering to be mindful during my silence... now that is a different story. Meditation? I laugh in the face of meditation! At least I've got part of this task down. My aim from now on is to be more present in the moment. To truly listen (which I am absolutely terrible at. Just ask my daughter 😜) and to also make some quiet time before bed, to stretch my wings, breathe deeply, feel my body whine and groan, and just be silent and still for a time. Then let sleep come to me, rested and peaceful.

How will you allow yourself to appreciate the silence?

Be bold, be sexy, be fierce and take the opportunity to shut-up 🥰.

Tanya x Marie

PS: Myself or Art Confessions is in no way affiliated with, or sponsored by Heatherash Amara... Simply just sharing 😊.

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