Moving Right Along

Sometimes I just have to make the decision to put something aside that isn’t serving me. I currently have no desire to finish this piece. She isn’t working for me and I don’t feel her intention.

I’ve just spent the past five months trying to get more time in the studio, and then I go and waste forty-four-plus hours painting something I’m not happy with and have no desire to finish. I feel like a quitter...

I spend another two hours trying to persevere and just finish the damn thing so I don’t look like a failure. I’m getting paint everywhere I shouldn’t be, I’m messing up my lines, I’m getting frustrated and angry... Then I realise the only person I am disappointing and making unhappy here is myself. The perfectionist part of my brain is taunting me, goading me to keep going, my cave-man-brain is calling me I'm a loser, but my creative instinct, my heart and my frontal lobe is telling me that the direction this artwork is heading is not where I want to go. Finishing this piece right now will not change her fate from the back shed to gallery wall and this time can be better spent working on something else. Perhaps in six months time, or two or ten years down the track I may come across her again and not be able to wait to bring her to life... But now is not the time. And you know what? I’m okay with that.

I accomplished a great amount of patience and tenacity in those forty-four hours, diligently and painstakingly mixing and layering colours. I also enjoyed two novels by JR Erickson, educated myself by listening to 58 episodes of The Vari Longmuir Podcast and relished The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. At times I danced and laughed singing out loud to old 80’s rock music, rolled my eyes many a time listening to Kate, Tim & Marty on Nova 919, and have put an almost perfect studio routine in place. No time wasted here.

Sitting up and taking notice of myself, to what I want and what I need, and living that truth has been a huge part of my self-love journey these past few months. I can tell myself that I’m a no-good quitter and get bogged-down in the muddy pot-hole in the middle of the road, or I can acknowledge my change of heart, blow a sweet kiss good-bye, change direction and move further along down the road. It’s totally up to me!

How have you turned quitting into winning?

Be bold, be sexy, be fierce and listen to your intuition 🥰.

Tanya x Marie

PS: Myself or Art Confessions is in no way affiliated with any business, author or entrepreneur mentioned... Simply just sharing 😊.

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