Jackie 2010. Not only did I not keep many notes in these early days, obviously photographing my work wasn't high on the to-do list either 😬.

I do however remember a little more about Jackie.

Colour and line contrast were big on the list for this piece. Those voluptuous curves and soft grey-scale florals worked magic against the harsh rectangles, squares, bold straight lines and deep colour. The polarity really was a beautiful sight... not that this photo is much justification of that, but I promise it was! 😂

The beginnings of this artwork were inspired by a dressmakers mannequin which in turn was named "Jackie" for Jacquelin Kennedy, former First Lady of the United States and highly regarded international fashion icon.

Be bold, be sexy, be fierce and be a woman above everything else!

🥰 Tanya x Marie

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My art builds a body of strength and character, an empowering force, not only for myself but for each and every woman. I have learnt and grown so much over my 40+ years; The good, the bad, the ridiculous... It's all relevant. I'd really love to share some of that with you!

Tanya x Marie

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