Goddesses In Brisbane

November 3rd 2020 is Opening Night!

If you are in the area then be sure to do yourself a favour and visit the Tiny Tree Cafe at 420 Cavendish Rd. Coorparoo Brisbane, Queensland - Nov 3rd 2020, 5:30 - 7:30pm for opening night of the Monarch Art Collective's divine exhibition "Goddesses". You will be absolutely blown away! I'm not even kidding.

Two of my original artworks Arabelle and Lola, will be readily available along with a selection of prints.

Be bold, be sexy, be fierce and head to the Tiny Tree Cafe in November!

🥰 Tanya x Marie

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My art builds a body of strength and character, an empowering force, not only for myself but for each and every woman. I have learnt and grown so much over my 40+ years; The good, the bad, the ridiculous... It's all relevant. I'd really love to share some of that with you!

Tanya x Marie

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