Endings and Beginnings

It is sometimes difficult to recognise at the time, but if you're mindful, you will see that while you close the door to one room behind you, you are already standing in another room.

I had always had an eye and talent for drawing as a child and I adored doing so growing up. But it was My love of the sensual curves of the female form, the striking boldness of saturated acrylics, the splendour of intense brilliant block colour and striking contrast; where my hobby as an adult began over 25 years ago… annnd ended a few short years later just before my two babies came along.

It was actually a grueling divorce, some tough life lessons and an ongoing history of depression and anxiety that led me back to creating again in 2005 at age 31. Painting gave me strength and focus outside of my status quo, to my surprise filling my entire being with a new self-worth and purpose. It was also a time when the Internet was categorically exploding, which opened up my small world and sparked and encouraged my fast-emerging artistic dreams. And so late in 2006 I took the plunge and decided to follow art as a career path.

Initially my art began as purely aesthetic work, driven by design and manipulation of strong contrasting colours and lines, and then I began to recognise my work evolving. Through my own life struggles and experiences I’d begun to learn so much about what can be hidden inside oneself; the strength and determination which arose from within me, which I had never even known existed, had ultimately become my driving force in both my life and my art.

And so with intention I began creating empowering paintings of and for women. Taking her inner strength and bringing it bolstering to the surface, choreographed with passion, heightening her physical prowess, celebrating her diversity, revelling in her beauty and sexuality, revealing her sensuality, her secrets and mystery. And most significantly, saluting her confidence, heart and spirited strength of character.

I handed over what was deep in my heart and soul, and that was when Art Confessions had truly begun.

I invite you to download my FREE eBook spilling pretty much everything you should know about me and Art Confessions! I am literally an open book.

Be bold, be sexy, be fierce and know there's always tomorrow!

🥰 Tanya x Marie

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