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Updated: Jun 16

What are

10 things I am

grateful for... today?

This prompt originally asked for 10 things I'm grateful for. Full-stop.

Overwhelming much? So for my first prompt, I thought let's not go overboard here and just start with today. God-blimey. What am I grateful for today?

1. I’m sitting here all cosy and warm with my cat, snuggled on the lounge typing on my iPad. So the first thing I absolutely have to say no matter how cliché, is that I’m grateful to have a roof over my head... especially one with central heating 😂.

2. I’m grateful that I have choices. I’ve been going through this journey trying to work out what it is I want, where it is I want to be be... I’m actually lucky to be in a position where I can choose at all.

3. My children. Always. The kids visited me at work today and we had lunch together. I can’t get enough of them. This year has brought about so many changes in our family dynamics with my daughter having finished school and moving out of the house and my son spending half of his time at his girlfriends home. The void children leave when they grow up is challenging to say the least.

4. Living in a town that is easy. Being able to get home from work (in literally a 5-minute drive), drop off my bags inside and walk around the corner, four doors down to my sisters house.

5. My sister. Oh where do I start? 14 years my junior and I’m often sure that she should be the eldest. She has given me so much in my life. Wisdom, unconditional love, courage, laughter, a shoulder to cry, dribble and snot all over, and who can forget the tiny human nephew she pushed out of her vagina just for me!

6. My nephew. Oh the sweet sweet delicious awesome-ness of him! His little face and perfect shiny blue eyes and chubby cheeks and dimpled fingers and short little legs and his 10.5 toes. His curiosity and his waddle and his cuddles and all the love that he creates which wells up inside of my heart and soul every time I even think of him and I can’t take the smile off of my face!

7. Sugar. I was going to say chocolate, but really it is the sugar inside of the chocolate, inside of the biscuits, in my coffee, on my donuts 😬😬😬...

8. My friend DL who I have honestly grown to love immensely over the past few months, who has helped me, and I her, through this crazy journey. I mention her today in particular as after a few days out of town, the moment she arrived back into the city limits she called me to check if I was home... because she wanted and couldn’t wait to spontaneously share a song and dance with me (literally!) before she went home.

9. Having a good paying job. This is an odd one for me to be grateful for. It took a lot of thought. While ultimately my day job is not something I love or really want to be doing, it is a good job. The people are great, the work isn’t difficult, I’m indoors, warm (or cool enough, whatever the case may be), and it’s paying the bills. It has gotten me out of a tough situation and will continue to keep me financial and above water while I decide where I want to go from here.

10. My drive. My determination. Things aren’t always easy, I don’t always know where I’m going or make the best decisions leading me in the best directions, but I know I want more. I know I want to make the most of this short life I have and I know I won’t give up trying.

There you have it. Wasn't so bad after all, once you get going. So tell me: what are the ten things you are grateful for today?

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Be bold, be sexy, be fierce and be grateful for today.

Tanya x Marie

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