If you are a beautiful woman of divine strength and character.

Or a man dedicated to loving the phenomenal women in your life.

Or raising brilliant girls to be extraordinary women.

If you love my artwork and the powerful tales of women they portray...
Join me on my journey.

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Tanya Marie Reeves Artist and Owner of Art Confessions

Broken Hill NSW 2880 Australia

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Unique and empowering art | Bold paintings of women | Original art for sale by artist |  Broken Hill Art Gallery Australia


Don't Miss Out!

🥳 The competition has been extended and will now be drawn on Friday March 6th. That's only 5 more sleeps peeps... don't miss out!

🎁 I am offering you a chance to win your very own artwork, created just for you, of course by me! only $5.00 for TWO tickets! TWO chances for the cost of one. 😍 A HUGE thank you and good luck to those of you who are already in the draw!

⚽️ Fundraiser to help Ripley (my son) play soccer in Spain in ONE months time!

🙋‍♀️ All the information is here 👉🏻