2011 and once again I have no idea at all what the name "Celena" means in relation to this artwork! Lol. I do however, have a faint memory of not wanting to spell the name with an "S". Why though I'm not so sure.

Nor do I have any real notes written about her, other than that creating Celena (like most of my work through these years) was simply experimentation with the acrylics, utilising alternative techniques. I'm obviously still trying to find my way here. Each new artwork through these early years significantly differs from the one before and the one after (as you can see below).

Side note: The woman in the "tattoo" reminds me of The Grudge. What do you think? 😂I can never un-see it.

Untitled 18 (2011) and Untitled 19 (2011)

Be bold, be sexy, be fierce and try anything at least once... Twice to be sure!

🥰 Tanya x Marie

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I have learnt and grown so much over my 45+ years; The good, the bad, the ridiculous... It's all relevant, because at one point or another, in some way or another, there are always roads taken, accomplishments, fears and obstacles along the way, which most of us have (or will have) in common. 

I'd really love to share my journey with you, and through my artwork, embolden a body of strength and character, an invigorating empowering force, within each and every one of you as you move forward. Join forces with me!

Tanya x Marie

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