"Tanya Marie Reeves is a Professional Artist from outback Australia, self-taught, flourishing from a natural talent, exceptional eye, passion and dedication. With over 20 years experience, she proclaims her unique artistic expression predominantly through acrylic and mixed media, striking a balance between abstract and realism, harnessing the boldness of acrylics and intensity of saturated colour. Tanya loves to use contrasting block colours and manipulate lines, integrating strong geometric patterns with sensual feminine forms, while also exhibiting a meticulous sense of order." - Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York USA


Born in Broken Hill, Australia on October 23rd, 1974. My mum is Maltese, first generation Australian born, and my dad also born Australian, though I am unsure of his background. I am the eldest of two girls and now a single mother of my own two, teenage children, continuing to reside in our hometown.


My journey as a self-taught artist began when I was very young; with a little extra talent and love for drawing as a child. I was inspired greatly by my uncle, only nine years my senior, whom was also crafty with a pencil and would sketch crazy cartoon characters for me. I would spend hours drawing as a child, replicating pictures from comic books such as "Footrot Flats" and most especially recreating Disney characters from VHS covers and books. As a young teenager, I would sketch the likes of Axl Rose and Madonna and other pop culture of the 80’s, before dabbling with paint and mixed media in my late teens and early twenties.


But truth be told, I was not interested in pursuing art as a career at that point and by the time I had married and fallen pregnant with my daughter in 2001 I had packed it all away. Then, after some tough life lessons, another child and a gruelling divorce, I took it on again with a passion like never before. Further inspired by the times when the Internet was truly coming to life, with awe and amazement I had discovered a world of art I had never before encountered, which encouraged my own artistic dreams, and in 2006 I decided to follow art as a career path.


Throughout my life I has struggled with depression, and anxiety fuelled by perfectionism. As a teenager I had never recognised the cause of my symptoms, but as an adult, diagnosing; accepting; learning and fighting through on more than one occasion, had eventually remoulded my entire outlook on life, which has greatly affected my artwork since. My painting has had an overwhelming effect on giving me strength, and my strength, has in turn, had an awe-inspiring effect on my art. Painting gives me a focus. It sparks my adrenalin seeing my ideas come to life little by little, and on completion, fills my soul with self worth.


I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist; but I have learnt to treasure it, which resonates in my work, particularly in my strong lines. I love the striking, boldness of saturated acrylics, the splendour of intense brilliant block colour and striking contrast, and the sensual curves of the female body. I primarily mould and manipulate geometric shapes and patterns with contrasting colour, contours and imageries, often with a splash of sass, to seduce the voyeur.


Early in 2011, a prestige gallery in New York contacted and encouraged for me to submit a portfolio to their gallery, the very first of many more to come. That initial approach had cemented my idea of being a professional artist and gave the reinforcement and vigour to forge ahead with gusto. I have exhibited twice in Chelsea, New York (US) and also in Florence, Italy in 2012 and 2013 respectively, before opening my own private gallery in my hometown of Broken Hill in 2013.


Since, I have completed an art residency in Nice, France, in 2014, exhibited work in the ART3F Nice Art Fair and been included in digital art displays inTimes Square - New York (US), The Louvre - Paris (France) and at SCOPE Miami 2015, Florida (US). I have received several Certificates of Honour and Excellence for many online calls and won the Gold Award for the Masters of Art International 2015, and the Silver Award and Best Illustration in 2016, exhibiting in London, England. I have also shown in supplemental art shows in Australia having had artworks accepted and displayed in the Camberwell Rotary Art Show and The Stanthorpe Art Prize.


I believe I am absolutely still growing and learning what I am capable of as an artist, frolicking with application techniques and experimenting with new concepts. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love in life and I try to harness and relish every opportune moment.  


"There is something incredibly magical and wonderfully fulfilling about creating something from nothing with your own hands. And in turn, time and again, I discover a force deeper within myself that I never even knew existed." - Tanya Marie Reeves



Tanya Marie Reeves Artist and Owner of Art Confessions - Broken Hill NSW 2880 Australia  mail@tanyamariereeves.com

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