If you are a beautiful woman of divine strength and character.

Or a man dedicated to loving the phenomenal women in your life.

Or raising brilliant girls to be extraordinary women.

If you love my artwork and the powerful tales of women they portray...
Join me on my journey.

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Tanya Marie Reeves Artist and Owner of Art Confessions

Broken Hill NSW 2880 Australia

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Artist Statement

I am and have always been enraptured by a woman’s physical beauty and sexuality; it is where my artwork as an adult began over 25 years ago. However, overtime, the stereotypical notion in our society that a beautiful women could not possibly have any substance, began to inspire my work. And ultimately, through my own life struggles having experienced so much about what can be hidden inside oneself; the strength and determination which arose from within me which I had never even known existed, became my driving force.


And so, I create artwork empowering women. I bring her inner power bolstering to the surface, choreographed with passion, heightening her resolve, choreographed with passion, abstract line and colour to remind you of its existence. Celebrating her diversity, revelling in her beauty and sexuality, revealing her sensuality, her secrets and mystery, and most significantly, saluting her confidence, heart and spirited strength of character. 


My artwork predominantly consists of saturated acrylics, exhibiting brilliant block colour and striking contrast, the sensual curves of the female body and the faultless lines of geometry and pattern; With hand and brush only, I achieve beautiful unyielding saturation while exhibiting a meticulous sense of order and impeccable print-like quality. Periodically I will include textiles and alternate mixed media in my artwork, the choreography of such resulting in the perfect combination of stimulating texture and divergence.


My name is Tanya Marie Reeves and I am a single mum of two teenagers and a self-taught professional artist, born, raised, living and creating in my hometown of Broken Hill, Australia. My mission is to create exquisite, distinctive works of art, to adorn your rooms with originality, style and beauty but also especially with character, strength and an empowering energy. I hope for my artwork to captivate those within and around your homes and workplaces, to spark connections, conversations and inspirations, while reminding us all there is more to every woman than meets the eye.

Tanya x.

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